Field Trips

Fun and Informative Field Trips

Plankton Encounter

Students collect a water sample and use microscopes to understand the importance of the smallest animals and plants in our ecosystem.

Invertebrate Investigation

In this excursion, students get up close to local invertebrates like whelks, conch and crabs, investigating their characteristics and behavior. It also delves into morphology, the branch of biology that deals with the form of living organisms. 

Squid Dissection

As a group, students develop dissection techniques and learn all about the unique adaptability of this slippery marine creature.

Water Quality Lab

Using scientific tools, students collect their own data from local water samples and learn about water quality parameters. As a bonus, they are participating in a worldwide citizen science project.

Food Webs

Trophic Level Teachings: It’s a crab eat crab world out there! Join us for an adventure of a lifetime as we learn about the dynamic and important marine food web through hands-on learning.

Classroom Boat Trawl (Now Available!)

Students venture out on our Eco-Vessel Catamaran. They explore Tampa Bay history and the marine life you’ll find in and above the bay. Tours include a fisheries trawl, bird spotting and identifying specific traits, dolphin and manatee identification and behaviors, all while enjoying a relaxing bay cruise.

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