Our Mission

Tampa Bay Watch is dedicated to fostering a healthy Tampa Bay watershed through community-driven restoration projects, education programs, and outreach initiatives.

Tampa Bay Watch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working every day to preserve the delicate ecological balance that exists in Tampa Bay. We perform a variety of habitat restoration and protection activities throughout the year. With support from thousands of dedicated volunteers annually, our team helps the bay recover from its long history of environmental problems.

Education is a vital part of Tampa Bay Watch’s mission, and the Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center is a significant addition to our public outreach efforts. Our facility on the St. Pete Pier provides locals and visitors of all ages with unique, meaningful learning opportunities. Through interactive exhibits, engaging classes, camps, eco-tours and more, we tell the story of Florida’s coastal ecosystems, the global ocean, and what individuals and communities can do to support conservation. Our hope is that every guest will leave the Discovery Center with a greater appreciation for Tampa Bay, and a deeper understanding of Tampa Bay Watch’s dedication to caring for it.

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