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Meet the Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center team!

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Dwayne Virgint
Tampa Bay Watch CEO

Dwayne joined Tampa Bay Watch in October 2019. Dwayne earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising from the University of Bridgeport. He brings more than 25 years of broad experience in leadership, operations and management of mission-based organizations to Tampa Bay Watch including zoos, aquariums, and museums. He served over twelve years as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and its affiliated companies in Albuquerque, NM. His goal at Tampa Bay Watch is to ensure that generations of young leaders will continue the mission of protecting the bay and the world’s ocean. He is a beekeeper and an avid scuba diver and spends much of his spare time in local waters.

Peter Clark
Tampa Bay Watch Founder and President

Peter Clark is the founder and president of Tampa Bay Watch. Under his watch, the organization has coordinated more than 100,000 volunteers, installed 10,000 oyster reef units and 1,200 tons of oyster shell to create more than two miles of oyster shell reef communities, and planted more than 1,000,000 salt marsh grasses to restore 200 acres of coastal tidal ponds to Tampa Bay. Until 1993, Peter served as Director of the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council’s Agency on Bay Management, an alliance of agencies charged with protecting the Bay. He has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and over fifty professional publications on natural resource restoration, water quality and environmental planning. Peter also initiated the nomination, which ultimately led to the designation, of Tampa Bay into the EPA’s National Estuary Program. He holds a US Coast Guard Captain’s License, received the Outstanding Environmentalist of the Year award from the Florida Marine Research Institute Environmental Excellence Awards program in 1994, and the NOAA Fisheries / American Fisheries Society Nancy Foster Habitat Conservation Award in 2005.

Leah Biery
Discovery Center Director

Leah joined Tampa Bay Watch as Discovery Center Director in 2022. She is responsible for ensuring that the Discovery Center, located on the St. Pete Pier, provides meaningful opportunities for locals and visitors to learn about Florida’s unique ecosystems and Tampa Bay Watch’s efforts to protect and restore them. With an academic background in marine science and career experience in nonprofit management and communications, she is passionate about combining her skills to promote environmental stewardship. Leah holds a Master of Science in Zoology from the University of British Columbia Fisheries Centre and a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from North Carolina State University, where she also earned a minor in Nonprofit Studies. She has been a collaborator on marine conservation, education, and aquaculture projects in Florida and abroad. In her free time she enjoys yoga, stand up paddleboarding, and exploring near and far.

Zoe Caraffi
Education Coordinator

Zoe joined Tampa Bay Watch as an educator in 2020 for the opening of the Discovery Center, and now serves as the Education Coordinator. She plays an essential role in developing and running the education department and outreach programs. Zoe holds a Master of Science in Environmental Education from Slippery Rock University and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of South Florida. She is passionate about inspiring future generations to protect our environment. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, scuba diving, live music, and collecting VW bus memorabilia.

Zoe Neumann
Education Specialist

Zoe Neumann was introduced to Tampa Bay Watch through its environmental education internship program and now serves as one of the Discovery Center’s Education Specialists. She assists with curriculum development and facilitation of after-school, summer camp, and field trip programs. As a Tampa Bay native with a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies from the University of South Florida, Zoe is excited to be a part of the team and promote stewardship within the community. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, looking for shark teeth at the beach, and sharing her enthusiasm for opossums with anyone who will indulge her.

Ryan Jones
Eco Tour Vessel Lead Captain

Lead Captain Ryan Jones is a former Army Mariner and a passionate advocate for the environment who was drawn to Tampa Bay Watch in 2021 by its amazing mission. Growing up wading, swimming, and boating in the Florida swamps, Ryan has been fascinated by nature since he was a small child. Above all else, Ryan is passionate about sharing his love of science with others. He takes great pride in the Discovery vessel, and in providing experiences for children and adults to immerse themselves in the ecosystem he loves. Ryan is currently pursuing his degree in Marine Resources Management, and in his spare time serves as a Volunteer Coordinator for the Florida Horseshoe Crab Watch citizen science initiative. As a Florida native, professional captain, and student of environmental science, Ryan has spent his whole life around Florida wildlife and the ocean. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to share his passion for biology.

Savannah Gandee
Eco Tour Vessel Lead Environmental Educator

Savannah joined Tampa Bay Watch in 2021 as the Lead Environmental Educator aboard the Discovery eco-vessel. She has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science from the University of South Florida and a Master of Science in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences from the University of Florida. Savannah has extensive experience working on eco-vessels conducting environmental education and various research projects. Savannah specializes in trawl fisheries research and wild bottlenose dolphin dorsal identification studies, and was recently permitted to conduct dorsal identification through NOAA for Tampa Bay Watch. Savannah loves working for Tampa Bay Watch because the organization’s mission aligns with her personal conservation interests. She is also a native Floridian and is grateful to work for an organization that aims to protect Florida’s precious resources. In her free time, Savannah enjoys spending time outdoors, practicing yoga, and biking.

Aubrey Malone
Eco Tour Vessel Environmental Educator

Aubrey’s journey with Tampa Bay Watch started in elementary school when she joined our organization for a school field trip and dissected a squid. Years later, after interning with the education department in 2019, she became passionate about marine life and environmental education. In 2021, Aubrey joined the eco-vessel team to share her knowledge guests. She holds a B.S. in Biology and Marine Science from the University of South Florida and has earned workshop training certifications in informal education. Aubrey is thankful for the opportunity to share her love for her hometown with others through field trips and tours. She enjoys inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards through fun, interactive learning. Outside of work, Aubrey enjoys being outdoors, on the water, cooking, and traveling to new places.

Gabby Loverne
Guest Services Lead

Gabby Loverne has been with the Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center since 2021. She is currently the Guest Services Lead and makes sure the public side of the center runs smoothly during daily operations. She is also the volunteer coordinator at the Discovery Center and works closely with our volunteers to inspire and educate the public about Tampa Bay. She is a St. Pete native and earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of South Florida. She has a deep love of the area and enjoys gaining experience and knowledge with Tampa Bay Watch.

Analise Morrow
Guest Services Manager

Analise developed an appreciation for ecology at a young age, while attending a primary school with a focus on environmental education. She later attended Florida State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Editing, Writing, and Media. She contributes strong administrative and organizational skills to the Discovery Center, along with a love of animals. Analise joined the Tampa Bay Watch team to help bring positive change to the community. She also has plans to attend law school and wants to build a foundation for her future career in environmental conservation and restoration.

Henry Mateer
Guest Services Manager

Henry earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Studies and a minor in Coastal Management from Eckerd College. He has worked in a variety of laboratory and field settings with numerous Florida species, especially ectotherms. Recently, he developed and delivered educational programs for the City of St. Pete and Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. Henry joined the Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center to encourage the public to learn about and get involved in conservation projects. He is interested in Florida ecology, how systems interact and affect communities, and how to make science more accessible for everyone. In addition to providing excellent customer service, Henry assists with animal husbandry.

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